Creative Studio クリエイティブスタジオ

Goldfaber Aqua ゴールドファーバー アクア

The Goldfaber Aqua watercolour pencils convince with their soft and intense colour laydown as well as outstanding colour brilliance using either dry or wet techniques. All the dry drawing techniques of colour pencils can be used with these watercolour pencils. Using a wet paintbrush, stunning watercolour paintings can be conjured into a motif or pattern designed with the Goldfaber Aqua. The fully watersoluble lead of the Goldfaber Aqua waterolour pencil was produced with the most innovative production technology and impresses with its excellent lightfastness. ゴールドファーバー アクア水彩色鉛筆はソフトかつ深みのある色が特徴です。乾いた状態でも濡れた状態でも優れた発色です。水を含ませたブラシでなぞると美しい水彩画を生み出すことができます。ゴールドファーバーアクア水彩色鉛筆の完全水溶性芯は高品質で耐光性に優れています。