Fine Writing ファインライティング

Ondoro オンドロ

The unusual contours of this design are the first thing you notice – and just as you would expect, Ondoro gives every piece of writing a very personal touch! 独特な輪郭が特徴です。思う存分書けます。

Framed by chrome-plated metal parts, the hexagonal barrel of high-gloss precious resin shows off straight lines to their best effect. Ondoro also sits wonderfully comfortably in the hand. Jotting down notes and thoughts has never been so smooth and easy. クロームメッキメタルパーツと光沢があるプレシャスレジン製六角軸で直線を表現します。また、手にぴったりとフィットし、考えやメモは紙に簡単に書き込めます。